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I love tales where a line between reality and imagination is almost erased, like in childhood. If we ask children about miracles, they might deny this idea, but even the desire to look smart and adult would not stop a child from peering into the grass near the path to see a gnome or a fairy.

Likewise, I love peering into reality, looking for a mystery. This is why I'd call my style realistic fantasy. My favorite medium - colored pencils - expresses my feelings in the best way. My drawings are full of colors and air. They breathe, and the white light leaks out through the net of small pencil strokes just as grace is tangible through the ordinary things in our habitual, material world.

Olha (Olya) Tkachenko 


In the Fields
Night Cat
Sisters meet a new friend
Summer Mystery
Little Bo
Book cover
Little Billy
Cat and giant mouse
Sisters save gnome
The Girl with Wolf
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