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What people say... 

A few words from my clients

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Judy Billing,
The series of Christian poems for children

Olha was... and is, a Star in my books!!

I was totally thrilled beyond measure with each and every sketch that Olha produced!! I was actually in awe of how this talented woman just "knew" what to sketch...when I hadn't even been able to form a concept in my own head! 

I knew what I wanted the story to say... but I had no idea as to how to convey this same story in pictures. 

...Olha Tkachenko is an extremely gifted Artist. I am grateful to God for bringing us together and I hope to do many future projects with her. 

Dayana, Dax, and the Dancing Dragon.jpg

Terrel Lefferts
Once Upon a Dance Books

Olha is so talented. I cried happy tears the first time I saw one of my characters brought to life in her art – she absolutely nailed the sad sweet friendly little Kangaroo. My stories boast a variety of illustrators with different sets and costumes for each dance performance, but I keep coming back to Olha because her lifelike characters are so charming and expressive. Repeat business I the highest praise I can offer, and she’s now illustrated six books for me!  


Art Neilans
Peas in a Pod

I asked Olya to help me with my book writing project about my five years of caring for my granddaughters.  It was a new vanity effort for me and Olya turned out to be a lifesaver as she helped me navigate the ins and outs of the whole creative publishing process.  6,000 words and 40 full-color breathtaking illustrations later I have a volume that I can be so proud of.  Olya handled all technical details with layout, fonts, printing publishing requirements and kept me on track with inspired ideas and support.   I can heartily recommend her talents for any project you may be contemplating!

Spencer the Squirell.jpg

Leni Porfiri
Spencer the Squirrel Learns About Sharing

It was a pleasure working with Olha Tkachenko from beginning to end. She can capture the emotion of the story and depict it in the character and scene she is illustrating. She had me approve the sketches before starting and allowed corrections which I liked, also, the first try at the cover art was a hit. She captured the story theme and the character perfectly right off the bat. I would work with her again. If I had any questions she responded quickly. She has great skill and is very talented. It’s nice to see people pursuing their talent and excelling in it and I have a great respect for what she does and how well she does it.

Baba and Dido books.jpg

Marion Mutala
More Baba's Please!
My Buddy, Dido!

A fantastic realistic artist Olga's work encompasses many facets of beautifully crafted illustrations. I have worked with Olha on two books and they turned out magnificently. I highly recommend her work. She's very professional and finishes her projects carefully and in a timely fashion. My second book with her My Buddy Dido was shortlisted for a High Plains book award.


Nicole Pierce
Mommy where does Love come from?

It has been a pleasure to work with Olha. She is incredibly talented. My book turned out amazing, better than I could have imagined. Her knowledge and advice were so helpful. She is professional, prompt, great communication. I am so grateful to have found her! I have already hired her to do my 2nd book. I cannot give her enough praise. I am thrilled with the final project and would recommend Olha 1000%.

I am open for commissions! If you are looking for an illustrator for your project, please, feel free to 

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