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The Ukrainian folktale "The Turnip" retold by Ivan Franko is loved by Ukrainian children in Ukraine and Canada since the beginning of XX century. It tells a funny story of a family who needs to unite all its members to take a giant turnip out from the garden. Now the story translated and illustrated by the artist Olha Tkachenko and published with a support of Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation of Taras Shevchenko. The book includes brilliant illustrations, dialogues, and funny rhythmes. An English-Ukrainian bilingual version of this book provides kids with an opportunity of learning both languages and exploring Ukrainian culture.

Languages: English&Ukrainian (Bilingual)

Length: 32 pages

Size: 8.5"/8.5"

Year: 2018

ISBN: 978-1-7750402-5-5

The Turnip. Bilingual English-Ukrainian picture book

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